10 000 lat do przodu. Miasta…

10 000 lat do przodu. Miasta przyszłości, 1939 rok. Oryginalnie z czasopisma Electrical Experimenter, ale po czasie zamieni się w Science and Invention. W cytacie wszystkie wyrazy z dużymi literami, ale nie chciało mi się poprawiać.

„The City of the Future, 10,000 Years Hence, Will Not Be Located Upon The Surface of the Earth. It Will Be Floating Up Miles High, and Such Things as Snow, Rain, and Storms Will Be Unknown to the City Dwellers of the Future. It Will Have Perpetual Sunlight, and Weather Will Never Bother Our Future Citizens. Just as Our Leviathans of the Sea are Built to Remain on the Top of the Water at All Times, So the Floating City of the Future Will Remain Afloat Continuously, Supported Only by Shafts of Electro-Magnetic Rays, Which, Nullifying Gravity Keep the City Raised Up By Reaction. The City Dweller of the Future Will Not Be Bothered Much With Such Diseases as Tuberculosis, Because All of These are Now Transmitted Due to the High Density of the Air Near the Surface of the Earth. Three or Four Miles Further Up Bacteria are Not So Common as Near the Surface of the Earth.”

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